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Great British Radio
Great British Radio is providing a voice and a platform for the best that Britain has to offer. Listen live anywhere to hear breaking news, great music and amazing guests from all walks of life. Every Sunday, Connect Forces will be connecting Veterans with long-lost comrades and giving them the chance to share their stories.

The Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel
When the thunder of the guns was finally stilled in and around the Falkland Islands on 14th June 1982, 258 families were left to count the terrible cost. They had lost sons, fathers and husbands in the fierce actions fought at sea, on land, and in the air. More than half the British casualties died at sea; the majority under fierce enemy attack which sank five ships and damaged eight more, some severely. Most of those killed have no grave but the sea. Others died in the fighting on land; many on dark hillsides in night battles. Yet more were killed while flying over land and sea. The Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel, located in the south of England has been built in their memory.

The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust
The RNBT will consider applications for assistance from any member of the RNBT Family. If you fit one of the following descriptions then, apart from a few exceptions, you are almost certainly part of the RNBT Family.

The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) Forces Help
SSAFA help and support those who serve in our Armed Forces and those who used to serve - even if it was only for a single day. They also care for the families of both.

The Survey Ships Association
In 1992 a small number of ex Hydra ship's company held an informal get together to celebrate the tenth anniversary of HMS Hydra's service in the Falklands. During the evening it was suggested that some form of "H" boat society would be a good idea, the seed was sown.

Armoured Engineer Branch Royal Engineers Association
The only official web site of the Armoured Engineer Branch Royal Engineers Association

Falkland Islands Tourist Board
Whether you are looking for adventure or seeking quieter pleasures, the Falklands are a great place to relax and unwind. From personal encounters of the wildlife kind, to wilderness trout fishing, hiking and self-exploration to guided tours of our key cultural and historic sites.

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
The RAF's leading welfare charity providing practical, financial and - in some cases - emotional support to all members of the RAF family, from childhood through to old age. We help with issues from childcare and relationship difficulties to injury and disability, and from financial hardship and debt to illness and bereavement.

ABF The Soldiers Charity
Giving lifetime support to serving and retired soldiers and their families. They risk so much for us, but for them, it's "just doing their job". In return, the Soldiers' Charity give them down-to-earth help and friendship, with no hassle or bureaucracy.

Seafarers UK
Seafarers UK is a charity that has been helping people in the maritime community for over 100 years, by providing vital support to seafarers in need and their families. We do this by giving grants to organisations and projects that make a real difference to people's lives, across the Merchant Navy, Fishing Fleets, Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

The Merchant Navy Association
The Merchant Navy Association (MNA) was "launched" in 1989 and established a unique opportunity for seafarers to get together to form a countrywide consensus on a range of issues and ideas.

Union Jack Club
The Union Jack Club is a private members club for serving and ex-serving military personnel of Her Majesty's Armed Forces. They also welcome military personnel of many countries, together with the emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance, including the UK civil service and their families to make use of its excellent facilities.

At Sodexo we work around five pillars - gender, generations, disability, ethnical origins and LGBT - to foster a culture that embraces differences and celebrates unique ideas, perspectives, experiences and talents.

Veterans UK
On 2 April 2007, the Ministry of Defence created a new brand for services to veterans - Veterans-UK.

Falkland Islands Government
The Falkland Islands Government is far from just an administration. It provides a diversity of services to support our thriving community.

The British Legion
The Royal British Legion is the UK's leading Service charity providing care and support to serving members of the Armed Forces, veterans of all ages and their families.

Falklands Xtreme Sports
Falklands Xtreme Sports' mission is to provide a fun, alternative and quality extreme sports service for people of all ages and to ensure that members are the focus of all activities.

Hounds for Heroes
Our mission is to provide specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled personnel of both the UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services. We aim to provide help and practical support leading to an enhanced quality of life.

Memory Care.com
A study conducted by NIH (National Institute of Health) found that veterans are twice as likely to develop dementia. Aside from the normal aging process, traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder make veterans more vulnerable to dementia than the general population. To help veterans and their families, we created a guide to memory care for veterans. This resource goes over dementia in detail and shares treatment options as well as available VA programs and resources. You can view the guide here: https://www.memorycare.com/veterans/.

Falklands Veterans
Falklands Veterans
Falklands Veterans
Falklands Veterans
Falklands Veterans
Falklands Veterans
Falklands Veterans

Falklands Veterans

Falklands Veterans

Falklands Veterans

Falklands Veterans

Falklands Veterans

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